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Substitute Teachers and Paraprofessionals needed at Lakeview

Have you ever thought about being a substitute teacher or substitute paraprofessional?


Did you know that individuals with a bachelor’s degree in any field may apply for a Minnesota substitute teaching license?   

The Minnesota Department of Education Educator Licensing Division issues two Substitute Teacher Licenses: the Two-Year, Short Call Substitute Teacher License and the Five-Year, Short Call Substitute Teacher License. A Two-Year, Short Call Substitute Teacher may only teach for 15 consecutive days in one classroom assignment, in any subject or grade level. A Five-Year, Short Call Substitute Teacher may replace the same teacher for 16 or more consecutive days.


  • You must have a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college/university. Official transcripts and/or foreign evaluation reports must be provided.


  • To receive a five-year, short call substitute teacher license, you must complete an approved teacher preparation program, which means you have completed the required practicum and student teaching portions of the program.

For more information on substitute teacher licensure in Minnesota, contact the Educator Licensing Division at 651-582-8691 or

Paraprofessional Substitutes: Minimum education requirement to become a paraprofessional substitute is a high school diploma or GED.

Lakeview Public Schools is looking to expand our substitute teacher and paraprofessional pool. If you are interested in applying for a substitute position, go to our website at and download an application or call Heidi Beck at 507-423-5164 Ext 1300 for more information.