• Achievement and Integration

    Proposed Achievement and Integration Funding 2023-26 Planning

    M.S. 124D.861, 124D.862 and Minnesota Rule 3535.0100-0180 established specific component requirements related to the creation of the Achievement and Integration (AI) Funding Plan.  Specifically, each member of an AI collaborative must identify one or more Achievement Goals (Local) and one or more Integration Goals (Collaborative).  Each of the identified goals must be measurable, research based, and time-bound and must be monitored by the local collaborative and monitored and authorized by MDE.  

    Lakeview is a member of the Yellow Medicine Integration Collaborative (YMIC). Seven schools make up YMIC including Lakeview, Renville County West, Minneota, Ivanhoe, Dawson-Boyd, Canby, and Yellow Medicine East. All seven schools work together to share resources and use funds efficiently.  Each school district is located approximately 15 miles or more from one another. We have agreed to focus our integrative efforts with our students on helping them become college and career ready. We will use technology when appropriate throughout the year to mitigate the loss of academic time due to travel.

    YMIC member Districts will help build career- and post-secondary readiness through student participation in rigorous STEAM coursework (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). In addition, programmatic implementation of shared events will build a committed bridge striving toward post-secondary education, including visits to local college campuses, shared opportunities for college preparatory experiences (such as ACT preparation, use of MCIS, Ramp-Up, Youth Frontiers and other training), and special efforts to reach out to underserved populations. In addition, every ninth grade student within the districts will have a vetted career and college readiness plan on file. Families will play an integral role in the planning of their children’s post-secondary careers. FAFSA Night and Family Information Sessions will educate parents about the multitude of opportunities available to their children as well as necessary preparation for and demands and responsibilities their children will encounter in college. 


    Complete Achievement-Integration Plan:

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