• Multi-Tier System of Supports

     Lakeview Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) provides systematic reading and math instruction and intervention.  The framework is designed to provide a continuum of support from students at risk to students who are performing above grade level. Learning opportunities are provided to accelerate growth for students performing behind their peers and extend growth for students performing above grade level. The tiered framework uses increasingly intense instruction and intervention based on individual student needs. Kindergarten-Grade 8 students receive supplemental support in reading. Grade 1-6 students receive supplemental support in math. Reading and math support is determined by student data.


    All students receive core classroom instruction (Tier 1) which includes grade level, standards-based curriculum. Students who need supplementary (Tier 2) or intensive (Tier 3) supports receive small group instruction in addition to the core classroom instruction.

    The movement between tiers is flexible. Student data is used to determine the most supportive intervention for that particular student. Students who receive additional support are monitored for progress. Decisions on student progress allow for adjustments to an intervention with more or less support.

    The following components combine to create a successful multi-tiered support system:

    ·        On-going student assessments

    ·        Differentiated instruction

    ·        High quality, research based instruction in the general education classroom

    ·        Parent involvement

    ·        Instructional leadership

    ·        Professional development

    For additional information please contact: Susanne Lee, Literacy and Intervention Coordinator (507-423-5164 X2332) or by email at: susannelee@lakeview2167.com