• Students' Successful Transition to Post Secondary Plan

    Minnesota Statutes, section 120B.125

    Legislation requires all students, starting in grade nine, to have a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) around several key elements. This plan should be looked at as a life plan that includes: academic scheduling, career exploration, 21st century skills, community partnerships, college access, all forms of post-secondary training, and experiential learning opportunities. These seven elements are integrated into students' experiences and programming at Lakeview Public High School.

    1. Provide a comprehensive academic plan for completing a college and career ready curriculum premised on meeting state and local academic standards

    2. Developing 21st century skills such as teamwork, collaboration, and good work habits

    3. Emphasize academic rigor and high expectations

    4. Help students identify personal learning styles that may affect their post-secondary education and employment choices

    5. Help students succeed at gaining/gain access to post-secondary education and career options.

    6. Integrate strong academic content into career focused courses and integrate relevant career focused courses into strong academic content

    Help students and families identify and gain access to appropriate counseling and other supports and assistance that enable students to complete required coursework, prepare for post-secondary education and careers, and obtain information about post-secondary education costs and eligibility for financial aid and scholarship

    Students at Lakeview experience a variety of activities which provide transitional and postsecondary preparedness. Starting in the 8th grade year, students’ are taking personality type indicators and interest / skill inventories to provide them information and guidance.

    All students’ grades 9-12 participate in a structured advisory program called "Next Step" where they explore career and college readiness. 7-12 Students have individual Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) accounts to enhance their knowledge of college information, applications, scholarships, employment searches, resume builders and Personalized Learning Plans.

    All 10th Grade students attend a Career Fair to explore careers and expose them to local job market trends. They also receive guided instruction from the School Counselor pertaining to course registration and high school planning for the future.

    All 11th and 12th grade students meet with the School Counselor to review transcripts, high school credits, to plan future class schedules, college planning and the application process. They are also given the opportunity to attend a local college fair. All 11th grade students attend a college experience day as a class. Students also receive information regarding college entrance exams (ACT, SAT), other post-secondary preparatory exams (PSAT, ASVAB Tests). Information on 2-year and 4-year programs and future planning including: financial aid, military programs, transcripts, MCIS, career options, scholarships is also discussed.

    Individual conferences are offered for all students and families in grades 9-12 to guide students through the college readiness process including: college visits, online college applications, meetings with college representatives and transcript submissions. Lakeview Public school also has students participate in College Knowledge Month, financial aid meetings and meet with several college and military representatives that our visiting our school throughout the year.