• Meet 4
       Event A
           Rational Expressions (add/subtract, multiply/divide)
          Solving Quadratic Equations (factoring/quad formula)
          Function Notation 
       Event B
          Intercepted Arcs
          Cylinders, Cones & Spheres (volume and surface area)
       Event C 
                Patterns and Recursion Formulas
                Arithmetic & Geometric Sequences
                 Partial Sums formulas 
          Binomial Theorem
       Event D
    Meet 1
       Event A
          Fraction Arithmetic
          Complex Fractions
          Repeating Decimals
          Percentage & Interest Problems
          LCM & GCF
          Change of Base  
       Event B
           Pythagorean Theorem
           Angle Problems
           Properties of Isosceles & Equilateral Triangles
          Special Triangles (30-60-90 & 45-45-90) 
       Event C 
          Basic Trig Definitions
          Elementary Identities
          Unit Circle
          Trig Graphs      
       Event D
          Solving Quadratic Equations
          Complex Roots 
          Synthetic Division
          Function Notation

    Meet 2
       Event A
          Solving Equations
          Linear Equations
          Linear Inequalities 
       Event B
          Angle Bisector Theorem
          Heron's Formula
          Ceva's Theorem
          Stewarts Theorem
       Event C
          Sum of Angles Formulas
          Half Angle Formulas
          Double Angle Formulas  
       Event D
        Slope including parallel & perpendicular slope
        Linear Equations (point-slope, slope-intercept, standard form) 
    Meet 3 
       Event A
          Systems of Equations
          Systems of Inequalities
      Event B
           Regular Polygons
          Special Quadrilaterals
          Ptolemy's Theorem
          Polygonal Prisms & Pyramids 
       Event C
          Law of Sines
          Law of Cosines
          Inverse Trig Functions & Graphs
          Solving Trig Equations
          De Moivre's Theorem 
       Event D
          Fraction & Negative Exponents
          Simplifying Expressions involving Radicals
          Solving Equations with Radicals
          Logarithmic Identities
          Solving Logarithmic Equations 
          Change of Base (log) 
    Meet 5 
       Event A
          Logic Puzzles & Venn Diagrams
          Brainteaser Problems 
       Event B
          Ratio and proportions of Similar Shapes
          Ratios of Areas and Volumes of Similar Shapes
          Elementary Trig Ratios 
       Event C 
           Binomial Expansion 
       Event D
          Previous Year's AMC 12 (variations of those problems)