• Study Hall

    Mrs. Fischer's Advisory / Study Hall Expectations: 

    1. Please arrive prepared with all of the materials you will need to work on during this time (iPad, books, paper, pencils, etc.) and be in  your assigned seat before the bell rings. If you are not seated before the bell, you will be counted as tardy.

    2. (Study Hall only) If you need to speak to or work with a teacher during study hall, you must obtain a pass before study hall begins. You will not be allowed to get a pass from a teacher once class has begun, so please be prepared. 
    3. Only one student is allowed to use a pass at a time unless you have gotten direct permission from Mrs. Fischer. If you need to use the restroom, get a drink, etc., please sign out on the white board. Then, take the appropriate pass from the board before you leave. If a pass is already gone, you must wait until the student before you returns. Violating this pass policy will result in a loss of pass privileges. If there is an emergency, please speak with Mrs. Fischer. 
    4. You are expected to use this time to work quietly on any assignments that require your attention. If it is advisory, you may also use this time to check in with your teachers. Out of respect for your  classmates, volume in the classroom should be minimal during this work time. If you need to collaborate with other students for an assignment, please let Mrs. Fischer know. If students work diligently throughout the rest of the week, Friday may be reserved for a fun day as long as there are no upcoming tests or outstanding assignments. 
    5. Gameplay and watching videos are not allowed during this time. Students caught playing games or watching videos will have their iPads confiscated and Lakeview's disciplinary technology policy will be  followed. If you have all of your work turned in, and you have completed all upcoming assignments, you may work on leisure activities or use Mrs. Fischer's down-time activities. Cell phones may only be used to listen to music during study hall.