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    My name is Diana Foy.  I hold a license in Early Childhood Education, with dual Bachelor Degrees in Early Childhood Studies and Early Childhood Education.  I am currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education and Leadership from Walden University. I have been in the education field for over 17 years, with experiences teaching Birth-6th grade, and as an Educational Coordinator/Director of an Early Childhood Center and at Lakeview.  I am proud to be our Early Childhood and ECFE Coordinator! I have two children of my own, both girls- Hope (13) and Amara (6).  

    I strive to make every day fun and engaging!  Through hands-on experiences, we learn using our senses about the world around us.  Early Childhood is an exciting time because learning happens naturally across many domains while exploring different tasks.  For example, while playing in the sand table students are gaining social skills, concepts of science and math, sensory skills, cause and effect, and much, much more!  We even practice writing our names and drawing in the sand- all while having fun!  Technology is intergrated in our classroom by the use of a SMARTboard and the occasional use of iPads. 

    Our classroom is fun!  Learning occurs at the child's rate and in a way that interests them.  We hope you enter our classroom and feel part of our "family!"  Students take pride in their classroom and enjoy helping their teachers do things like setting the tables for snack.  We foster friendships, home-school relationships, and positive interactions with adults through different opportunities.  Children enjoy participating in a variety of activities offered daily- story time, music and movement, math/cognitive, science & sensory, creative art, and motor development.  We also get physical education time with Mrs. Traci Olson!  Language and literacy skills are fostered in all activities! 

    My favorite part about Lakeview Preschool is... EVERYTHING!! We are in a wonderful community!  The families are supportive!  The children are AMAZING!  The staff is exceptional!