Features you can utilize while viewing a stream:

    1. DVR Capabilities - You will be able to rewind at any time during a stream, back as far as 4 hours. Let's say you wanted to watch the C-Squad boys basketball game, but tuned in and it was already over. You will now be able to go back and watch it without having to wait for the entire stream to end.
    2. Many devices have the YouTube app such as Ruko, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation, XBox, Many Smart TVs, etc, you get the point. You can watch streams on your TV fairly easily if you wanted.
    We hope you are enjoying the service so far. We are continuing to strive to make the live stream the best it can be.
    How to view a stream:
    A. Without a google account
    1. Go to the Lakeview Live Video Stream page and watch the video from the page: https://www.lakeview2167.com/Page/1555
    2. This method limits the devices that you can use to stream an event
     B. With a google account
    1.  Go to www.youtube.com or the YouTube app on any device
    2. Log-in to your account
    3. Search for the "Laker Events" Channel or enter the url: youtube.com/lakerevents
    4. Click on the subscribe button next to the "Laker Events" Channel
    C. Questions?
    1.  Contact Phil Lalim via email or send a message to the Lakeview Facebook page