• Replaying A Live Stream
    Non-Athletic Events: (Music Performances | Graduation | School Functions | Etc.)
    All events can be viewed at anytime by going to the Laker Events YouTube channel.  
    Click on "Videos" and search for the event you want to watch.
    Athletic Events: (Volleyball, Football, Dance, Basketball, Track, Softball, Baseball)
    Immediately following the completion of a game/performance, the video will be made private.  This is done to prevent other teams from scouting our teams after the game is completed.  The videos will not show up on the Laker Events YouTube channel.
    In order to watch an event, email: philliplalim@lakeview2167.com
    You will need a google email account to watch the event. You will have to log-in to YouTube with that email address. 
    If you're approved to watch the event, you will receive an email from YouTube stating that the Laker Events YouTube channel has shared a link with you to view the event.