• Lakeview Public School will be providing School Linked Mental Health Services in the school.  This service will be provided by a licensed therapist from Western Mental Health in the school setting. This service is designed to provide mental health services and resources within the school setting.  This allows for minimal disruption from the child’s school day.  It also allows teachers, parents, and others involved in the child's care the ability to collaborate and integrate successful treatment strategies into the school and home environment.


    Services for School Linked Mental Health:

    -Individual, Family and Group Therapy

    -Individual, Family and Group Skills

    -Crisis Assistance

    -Diagnostic Assessments

    -Consultation to School Staff

    -Attendance at IEP Meetings

    -Staff Training and In-Service


        In order to receive services from Western Mental Health, there is a referral process that needs to be followed.

    1.    Referrals are made to Lakeview Public School or Western Mental Health by a parent, teacher, social worker or physician .

    2.    A Mental Health Professional will complete a Diagnostic Assessment at Lakeview Public School and provide recommendations for services as appropriate.

    3.    A parent/guardian will need to be present for the initial Diagnostic Assessment to help provide information on the child and when appropriate for treatment planning.

    4.    School Linked Mental Health will coordinate services with the family, school staff, county and other agency professionals that are involved in the care of the student.   


    Services provided by Western Mental Health will be covered by private insurance when available and Minnesota Department of Health and Humans Services grant funds.


    If you have any questions about regarding School Linked Mental Health or want to make a referral, please contact:


    Shelley Buntjer - Lakeview School Counselor - Grades 7-12

    shelleybuntjer@lakeview2167.com   :    Phone: 507-423-5164 Ext: 1306


    Sally Gniffke - Lakeview School Social Worker - Grades K-6

    sallygniffke@lakeview2167.com        :    Phone: 507-423-5164 Ext: 1151