Wish list
    Classroom Wish List 2020-2021
    I am often asked for ways to help or contribute to our classroom.   Please, do NOT feel obligated.  Your time and energy spent supporting your child with their education at home through reading, practice, discussions, and play is it's own wonderfully amazing gift.  
    For those though that are are interested in donating to our classroom in other ways, below is a list of needs and wishes for the 2020-2021 school year.   I will update the list throughout the year as needs arise.  
    If you are interested in donating your time, please let me know that as well.  There may be opportunities throughout the year that I can contact you with.  Thank you!
    Immediate Needs: 
    Wish List: 
    General Supplies: 
    • Quart sized ziplock bags with zipper 
    • Gallon sized ziplock bags with zipper 
    • Snack size zipper bags
    Books (new or used - click on title for link)
    • We LOVE great books in our classroom!  Here is a link to some books on our wish list:
    • Book Wish List

    Art Supplies: 

    • foam stickers
    • pipe cleaners
    • playdoh and tools
    • empy toilet paper and paper towel rolls
    • paper plates
    • paper bags (lunch size)
    Other Items
    The link below contains wish list items for writing center activities, literacy tools, math activities and games, and games that involve fun, logic, reasoning, and strategy
    thank you