• Classroom Wish List 2018-2019

    As a new-ish teacher (year 3) I am still building my classroom supplies and it isn't always easy to get everything right away. I am trying new things this year that also require some new supplies to help with the activities and opportunities provided in our classroom for the students. In no way should you feel obligated to send any of these items to our classroom - but in the chance you looking to donate some supplies to our classroom I have listed some needs and wishes for the 2018-2019 school year. Items can be used or new - I am more then grateful to any sort of donation you are willing to give to our classroom. I truly appreciate your help with your child in and out of school in it's own, so please do not feel you have to donate to this list.

    I will update throughout the year as supplies change. 

    *I have linked many of the wish list supplies to my amazon list, but do not feel as if you have to get it from that link. It is there for your ease, but if you find an item elsewhere or have it at home to donate, please feel free to do so in that way as well. Thank you!*


    Immediate Needs:

    • Empty paper towel rolls are needed for a math project (good to go on these ;)

    Wish List:

    Classroom Items (not games):

    • Quart sized ziplock baggies with zipper 
    • Snack sized ziplock baggies with zipper
    • Gallon sized ziplock baggies with zipper
    • Clear Protector Sheets: able to use for many games to write and erase on - keeps papers safe and reusable = less printing :) ~ Protector Sheets ~ this link is just a general idea, can be found at Walmart too in smaller/cheaper packages 
    • Clipboards (need around 8 to be a class set)


    Thank you SO much! Your support and help throughout the school year regardless of supplies is greatly appreciated!