Daily Schedule

  • I am available to meet with students or answer emails/calls before and after school and during my prep (11:24-12:08). Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!


    1st hour: 8th grade

    2nd hour: 7th grade

    3rd hour: 7th grade

    4th hour: Study hall

    5th hour: Prep

    7th hour: Study hall

    8th hour: 8th grade

    9th hour: 7th grade


    Schoology access codes: 

    1st hour: 375W-VNHX-XP5NW

    2nd hour: TD6T-KXBB-XTP2P

    3rd hour: 2PGD-B95Z-CD2RQ

    8th hour: R8MF-4VQC-9HR3P

    9th hour: H5R8-R8T6-MN2K6