Preschool Physical Education

Preschool Physical Education


    P4 – Object Control: Child can manipulate objects to propel or receive

              P4.7           Kicks a medium sized ball
              P4.8           Throws a large playground ball using two hands
              P4.9           Catches a large or medium ball by cradling in arms towards body
              P4.10         Peddles a tricycle or riding toy
              P4.11         Kicks playground ball or soccer ball to a close wide target
              P4.12         Throws a small ball with accuracy to a target or person
              P4.13         Catches a medium size ball using two hands
              P4.14         Bounces and catches a playground ball a few times using hands
              P4.15         Attempts to pump legs to swing on a swing

     P3 – Locomotion: Child moves their body through space from one place to another

              P3.14         Crawls under and around 3 or more objects in an obstacle course
              P3.15         Walks along a wide slightly raised straight pathway with assistance
              P3.16         Walks up and down a few stairs with support
              P3.17         Climbs on play equipment
              P3.18         Hops on one foot a few times
              P3.19         Jumps off slightly elevated height with two feet
              P3.20         Jumps with two feet over and out of spaces or objects on floor
              P3.24         Gallops freely in a game