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    Logging into this site will allow your child to practice the phonics readers and guided reading books we are using in class.  It is a great way to practice reading with your child.  (Login information will be coming)
     Finding "Just Right" Books
     Sometimes it can be hard to know what books are a good fit for kids to read just by looking at them.  The Scholastic Book Wizard tool allows you to enter a title or author of a book and find out the level of many books.  Click on the "Guided Reading" option when entering books to see if it falls within your child's current range.  Not sure what books to start with?  It also allows you to search by level.  Choose this option, enter a level or range of levels and it will provide you with a list of titles.  
    These links will provide you with a list of book series by level.   Many of the books overlap on the lists, but they provide a good selection of ideas.
    Sight Words
    Below you will find the lists of sight words we are studying.  
    2nd Grade Sight Words                        
    Word Strategies
    Below is a link to a poster that can be used as reminders of the strategies used to figure out tricky words.
    Comprehension Strategies 
    Below are links to help with comprehension.  The first is a poster that provides some good reminders of strategies students can use to help understand the story they are reading.  They also provide some ideas for types of questions you may want to ask your child as they read a story.  The next two are lists of questions you can use to help discuss the books you are reading with your child.