• The classroom policies are established to help create a stress free environment for all students and staff in my classroom.  If at any point you have any questions or issues please feel free to chat with me outside of class time.



    All students have the right to learn in this classroom. The teacher has a right to uninterrupted teaching.  No student shall interfere with these rights.


    You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choice. You are 100% accountable for your own choices and their consequences.


    Respect,  Responsibility, & Accountability


    ATTITUDE: Attitude is everything! Bring an open mind and positive attitude to class.  Negative comments are not allowed and whining will NOT be acceptable.  If you have problems or concerns about the class or your teacher please arrange to meet with me and we will discuss them privately.

    SPEAKING/LISTENING:  Listen when someone else is speaking.  If you want to speak, raise your hand and wait your turn.  If you can not be quiet during lectures, movies, in-class reading times, discussion, or work time you will be told to leave the room and go to the office.  Use your “quiet voices” when you are in groups.  With up to 35 people in class, this is the only way we can work together. Standard English should be used in the classroom.  Swearing is NOT ACCEPTABLE.  Racial, ethnic, sexual, or homophobic insults are NOT ACCEPTABLE.  Any comments that hurt or insult others are NOT ACCEPTABLE.


    PHYSICAL RESPECT:  Respect one another’s physical space and the classroom.  This means you should not touch one another in any way, write on desks or damage any classroom property.  Use the garbage can, not the floor for trash.  Please do not throw items at the garbage can, but walk to the can and dispose of the item at the appropriate time. (not during lecture or while someone is speaking) School Bags should be left in your lockers, on your desk or under your desk.  You should not enter "teacher land" unless I am present or if you have asked permission.


    TARDIES:  You are expected to be in the room when the bell rings.  If you are not seated at that time, take your seat immediately. If you are not in your ASSIGNED seat when I take attendance, you will be counted tardy or absent. If you come from another location with a pass we will work together to make sure the record of your tardy is accurate.


    DISMISSAL:  Stay at your desk until the bell rings or you are dismissed.  DO NOT crowd in a herd at the door.  If you do so, I may ask you to stay after class.  If you leave before you are dismissed, it will be considered an unexcused absence.


    DETENTION:  Detention may be given for any disruptive behavior, which is anything that interferes with my teaching or with the learning and safety of any student.

    SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS:  You are expected to show OUTSTANDING behavior when you have a substitute.  Regardless of who the sub might be.  Anyone whose name is given to me by the sub as being disrespectful or a problem of any kind will be given detention.


    FOOD/BEVERAGES:  Food, candy, snacks etc, are not allowed in the classroom.  Pop, juice, Powerade or anything sticky is not allowed in the classroom.  The only exception may be water, or on special occasions .  If I see any food/beverages I may ask you to throw it away or put it away.  No questions asked; no comments needed.


    SKIPPING:  If you skip my class you will receive a zero on all work handed in or out on that day.


    BODY LANGUAGE: Your head will be up and your eyes open at all times in the classroom.  It is extremely disrespectful not to do so.   If you are not feeling well please communicate this with me.


    EXPULSION FROM CLASS:  If this happens we will meet with Mr. Hanson to decide the consequences and what the future will look like for you in the class


    When the bell rings your iPad will be off, turned upside down on your desk where it should remain until you are asked to do otherwise. I will not remind you each day, but rather I will simply take the iPad. Anytime we are not actively using the iPad in class it will be upside down on your desk.  Unless directed, you should never be in the camera applications. You will  have the brightness level set to allow the teacher to easily see what is on your screen at all times. If it is not easily visible, it will be considered an iPad violation.
    The school policies will also apply



     1. All assignments are due during the class period unless otherwise stated. Do not work on assignments during class when you should not be, it is already late. 

              a. unexcused late work:  deadlines for late work are the end of each unit or at teacher discretion. If your work is not turned in by the end of the unit, the assignments/assessment will no longer be accepted. You WILL NOT have the option to redo work if it was turned in late.

                   i. study guides and notes can never be turned in as unexcused late work because we go over them as a class at the start of the period. 


              b. excused late work:  school handbook policy applies. 


    2. Re-do opportunities:

             a. assignments submitted after the due date are not eligible to re-submit (unless it is from an   excused absence)

              b. work poorly done the first time is not eligible to re-submit

              c. if the study guide was not completed on time or was poorly completed there will not be an  option to retake

              d. in order to qualify for a retake of a test missing/late work must be turned in prior to the test. 

              e. Paperwork to re-submit or retake must be completed prior 

              f. Retest schedules will be posted on the board and will always be completed in my classroom

              g.  the opportunity to re-do is not guaranteed and is at teacher discretion  


    3. Please do not interrupt a class in session to turn your work in. 


    4. It is your responsibility to get missed work and make up tests by the deadline as created in the student handbook.  I will remind you if I remember but it is your responsibility to take care of it. 


    5. Any student caught cheating will receive a zero for the assignment or test. This applies to all parties involved.  You will also be written up for academic dishonesty.  


    6. Extra credit is not offered. However, periodically there may be extension opportunities offered to the entire class. 




    7.  The grading scale is as follows:

    A 100-94

    B  93-87

    C  86-80

    D  79-70

    F  69-