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    Adult Enrichment offers classes covering a wide variety of topics!


    Instructor: Laura Kosen

    This class is designed to make the most of your time by integrating a full body workout into one hour.  This class combines all fitness components. Including cardio, muscle toning, and core strengthening!  

    Deadline: Join in at anytime

     Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 

    5:40 - 6:30 am
    Community Education Room



  • Chair aerobics

    Instructor: Kathie Erickson

     Chair Aerobics is an effective alternative to conventional exercise. If you have neverexercised, cannot stand for a prolonged amount of time, or are just returning to a fitness routine, the good news is that you can do aerobics right in your chair.  These exercises get your heart going and may help you live a better quality of life. Deadline: Join in at anytime


    5:30 - 6:00 pm
    Community Education Room


  • Total body conditioning

    Instructor: Kathie Erickson

    Want to work your whole body in one hour? This is the class for you.  Class includes upper and lower body muscle work, abs and core work.  You will burn those calories moving from one move to the next in a circuit form.  Class is for everyone, from the beginner to theadvanced exerciser.  

    Deadline: Join in at anytime

    Tuesdays & Thursdays

    5:30 - 6:30 pm
    Community Education Room