• Laker Football
                                                                "Iye Hantu!" Lakota for "Now is the time to BE!"
    Head Coach:  John Sterner
    Assistant Coach: Tom Yahnka
    Assistant Coach: Erik Lundberg
    Assistant Coach: David Loe
    Assistant Coach: Dave Nelson
                                                                                        Calisthetics Coach: Ray Pederson 
    Assistant to the Assistant: Peyton Kvistad 
    Jr. High Coach: Derek Riley
    Jr. High Coach: Ryan Schultz
                                                                                        `   Jr. High Coach: Dan Isaakson
    Student Managers: Brooklyn Peltier & Gabby Gregoire
                                                   "Good teams become "Great ones," when the members
    `                                    trust each other enough to surrender the ME for the WE!" ~Phil Jackson 

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