• Miss April
    April Hultquist
    School Readiness Teacher
    Phone: 507-423-5164  Ext. 0149
    Email:  april.hultquist@lakeview2167.com
    Welcome to my Preschool Readiness Page. At Lakeview we work hard at providing a hands-on experience based learning environment. If you are visiting our classroom remember to "dress for a mess". When you walk into our classroom you will see a lot of smiles and laughter. Most of all, you will see questioning and the look of wonder in the children's eyes. The best way to learn is to wonder, play, explore and experience for yourself and those are the opportunities we strive to provide. Together these provide a strong foundation as we are preparing to be life-long learners.
    I am thrilled to be a part of the Lakeview staff and look forward to meeting you!
    "Be certain students have a solid footing before you ask them to climb mountains."