Beginning May 21, 2021 at 1:00 pm, the Lakeview School District will follow the guidelines listed below.  The guidelines will be followed by school organized events, Community Education programming, summer athletic/activity practices, outside organizations renting the Lakeview facilities, board/advisory/association    meetings held in the school building, and other entities as determined by administration.

    Summer 2021 Guidelines:

    1. Masks are recommended but not required
    2. Maintain social distancing when possible
    3. Instructors/coaches/leaders will continue to take attendance in the event that contact tracing is required due to a positive case
    4. Parents are allowed in the building to pick-up and drop-off their child
    5. Families must notify instructor/coach/administration if there is a positive case in their household

     COVID-19 Decision Tree (PDF)

    Quarantine Guidance for COVID-19 (PDF)



    CDC  - Center for Disease Control and Prevention

    MDE Minnesota Department of Education

    MDH Minnesota Department of Health