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    Health Office News - Updated Nov 16, 2023


      • Please keep your children home if they are not feeling well.  

      • Read our Infection Control Guidelines to help slow the spread of infections, protect children, families, and staff, and to support a healthy learning environment.

      • When you call in to the office, make sure you let them know what symptoms or illness the child is having so that we can track what is going through our school.


      • Norovirus  is on the rise. The peak season is from October through May.  Common symptoms are stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea.  The best way of preventing the spread of this virus is GOOD handwashing. 
      • COVID Home Test Kits are available, free of charge.  If a student or staff member has been exposed to or is having symptoms of COVID, please ask for a test kit.  It is for home use only and is NOT reported or tracked by the state or school.  The above Infection Control Guidelines apply to ALL illnesses including COVID.




      • Keep extra clothes in your student's locker &/or bag.  I recommend at least pants, underwear, and socks for all ages.  Clothes rip, get wet or dirty, and stain in awkward spots.  Better to have extra on hand just in case.
      • Accepting small donations of new or gently used pants with elastic waists or drawstrings (no fitted pants or jeans), leggings, and underwear (new please) of all school age sizes to stock in the Health Office.  Youth Small and Medium for boys and girls needed most but we do use all sizes through XXL in adults.  Storage space is limited, particularly for the larger clothes so limit the donations to ~5 pairs per size.


      Holli Olson MSPAS, PA-C - Health Professional

    Phone 507.423.5164 ext 1154

    email: holliolson@lakeview2167.com