• Staff Picture
    Mrs.Josie Laleman
    High School Language Arts Instructor
    Phone: 507-423-5164  Ext. 1260
    Mrs. Laleman is my name.  Language Arts is my game.  I teach the College Now composition, literature, and speech courses. I also teach the 11th, 12th and TIP Language Arts courses  This will be my fifth year with Lakeview and I love my job.  Along with my courses I work with the Lakeview Theater productions and FCA. 
    I love to hike, travel, fish, run, play tennis, and generally have fun.  Honesty, integrity, and laughter are qualities I hold dear. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and I am ecstatic for the 2012-2013 academic year. 
    (1)   8:15-8:33         Advisory
    (2)   8:36-9:20         Study Hall
    (3)   9:23-10:07       English 12
    (4)   10:10-10:54     Prep
    (5)   10:57-11:41     College Writing
    (6)   11:44-12:28     English 11
    (0)   12:31-12:54     Lunch
    (7)   12:57-1:41       Study Hall
    (8)   1:44 - 2:28       Theater
    (9)   2:31-3:15         TIP