Ms. Laleman
    Hello and welcome to my ELA page. My full name is Josie Laleman
    and I have been in the teaching profession for 17 years and blessed 
    to be at Lakeview for 13. I enjoy this school and the community. My daughter
    is also a little Laker and she loves how great everyone is here.
    Course offerings
    High School
    English 10
    Interpersonal Communications
    SMSU and MN West Classes
    College Composition I
    College Composition II
    Essentials of Speaking and Listening (Public Speaking)
    College Literature
    Mrs.Josie Laleman
    MS Education, English
    BS Communication Arts and Literature
    High School Language Arts Instructor
    SMSU College Now Instructor
    Phone #: 1.507.423.5164. ext.1202