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One School One Book - Reading Schedule

Reading Schedule for

The One and Only Ivan (2012)

by Katherine Applegate




Feb. 3  [pp. 0 – 10] glossary; hello; names; patience; how I look; the exit 8 big top mall and video arcade


Feb. 4   [pp. 11 – 26] the littlest big top on earth; gone; artists; shapes in clouds; imagination; the loneliest gorilla in the world; tv; the nature show


Feb. 5  [pp. 27 – 42] Stella; Stella’s trunk; a plan; bob; wild; Picasso; three visitors; my visitors return; sorry


Feb. 6   [pp. 43 – 59] Julia; drawing bob; bob and Julia; Mack; not sleepy; the beetle


Feb. 7-9   [pp. 60 – 74] change; guessing; Jambo; lucky; arrival; Stella helps


Feb. 10   [pp. 75 – 89] old news; tricks; introductions; Stella and ruby; home of the one and only Ivan; art lesson; treat


Feb. 11   [pp. 90 – 105] elephant jokes; children; the parking lot; ruby’s story


Feb. 12   [pp. 106 – 120] a hit; worry; the promise; knowing; five men; comfort; crying; the one and only Ivan


Feb. 13   [pp. 121 – 134] once upon a time; the grunt; mud; protector; a perfect life; the end; vine; the temporary human; hunger


Feb. 14-17  [pp. 135 – 147] still life; punishment; babies; beds; my place; nine-thousand eight hundred and seventy-six days; a visit


Feb. 18   [pp. 148 – 165] a new beginning; poor Mack; colors; a bad dream

Feb. 19   [pp. 166 – 179] the story; how; remembering; what they did; something else to buy; another Ivan; days; nights; project; not right


Feb. 20  [pp. 180 – 296] going nowhere; bad guys; ad; imagining; not-tag; one more thing; the seven-o’clock show; twelve


Feb. 21-23   [pp. 197 – 213] H; nervous; showing Julia; more paintings; chest-beating; angry; puzzle pieces


Feb. 24   [pp. 214 – 225] finally; the next morning; mad human; phone call


Feb. 25   [pp. 226 – 240] a star again; the ape artist; interview; the early news; signs on sticks; protesters; check marks; free ruby; new box; training


Feb. 26   [pp. 241 – 255] poking and prodding; no painting; more boxes; good-bye; click; an idea; respect; photo


Feb. 27   [pp. 256 – 269] leaving; good boy; moving; awakening; missing; food; not famous; something in the air; a new tv; the family; excited


Feb. 28-Mar.1  [pp. 270 – 283] what I see; still there; watching; she; door; wondering; ready; outside at last; oops; what it was like; pretending; nest; more tv


Mar. 2  [pp. 284 – 300] it; romance; more about romance; grooming; talk; the top of the hill; the wall; safe; silverback


Mar. 3 Book wrap-up at school-Thank you for participating and a BIG thank you to the Lakeview PTO, Lakeview Booster Club, and the Elementary Enrichment Fund for supporting this program.