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Athletics - Transportation Waiver

The MDH guidance for handling positive COVID 19 Cases states the following:

If the bus ride is longer than 30 minutes all people (students and driver) on the bus, even those greater than 6 feet from the positive case, would be considered close contacts.

Each away event this fall will have a 30 minute or longer trip (cumulative) and this means if your child rides on a bus for an activity with another student who tests positive, there will be an automatic quarantine of 14 days for all riders.

We have made a decision as an administration team to amend our typical transportation guidelines for activities. We are encouraging parents to drive their child to away games when possible. We are wanting to give our teams the best chance we can to continue to have a season and we feel the guidelines given would risk taking out a significant number of players if there was to be a case in a student athlete, coach or driver on a bus for any away trip.


We have created a waiver (link below) that needs to be signed if your child will be transported by a parent or another adult over the age of 21. We will allow carpooling as long as there is a waiver completed. Students will not be allowed to drive themselves to any events.


We will still be providing a bus for students 9-12 to away events for those student athletes needing transportation.  We will also provide a bus for the Junior High levels but still encourage parent/adult transportation whenever possible. Parents who transport their Junior high level student will be required to fill out the same waiver that allows them or another adult over age 21 to transport their child.


Here is the link to the Travel Release Waiver:

*This must be completed prior to any away event where your child is transported by a parent or another adult over the age of 21*


We will be asking coaches to survey their team at the beginning of the week on if they need bus transportation or not for any away events that week. We will keep in close communication with Lacie at Palmer Bus Service to ensure we have a bus available when needed.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions.


Thank you!



Kayla Fromm

Activities Director

Lakeview High School

(507)-423-5164 ext. 1322