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Unplug - Find Your Outlet


Lakeview Public School is offering a volunteer-based program called the Unplugged Challenge headed by Ms. Alyssa Raiber, a doctorate of Occupational Therapy student at the University of Mary in Fargo, ND. Details of the program include:

WHO: Males and Females grades 2nd through 8th

WHAT: The program is to promote awareness on the effects of technology on adolescent engagement to assist families and teachers in re-engaging them in daily activities and family life on a physical, psychological, and social level. This will be done through various activities including tech talks where the child, family, and teacher will talk openly about any insecurities in regard to the child’s roles that could be affecting their level of engagement. There will also be use of a screen time schedule where the child and family will engage in a tech-cation for an agreed upon amount of time. This tech-cation is a period of time where everyone in the household dis-engages from device use for an agreed amount of time to engage in other activities. This allows the child to see alternatives to device use and facilitates the parent in role modeling appropriate device use. Lastly, the family, child and teacher will develop goals for what the child hopes to gain from their time spent online to better equip the child with activities that best suit their educational needs and personal interests.

WHERE: Lakeview Public Schools

WHEN: As needed or applicable

HOW: Send me an email at for more information and to discuss your child’s needs and interests.


Please fill out this short survey so that I can get a better understanding of your childs needs related to technology use: