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Thank you for supporting our Book Fair!

Your support made the 2023 book fair a great success! Many new books ($3,500 earned for new books) have been added to the library, Pre-K-12 classrooms, and the book award vending machine because of you.


Also, a big thank you goes out to all of the volunteers who helped with book fair! Because of our school community, the book fair was a success and we earned many more books for our school!


It is always so amazing to see the students excitement and the crowd waiting for the library doors to open each morning of the fair.  Thank you so much to the students and parents who shopped and supported our book fair. 


Hoorays to everyone who helped make this event run smoothly. We truly appreciate it! It is exciting to get more books into the hands of the students so they may expand their vocabularies and learn new experiences through text.


Thanks again, your support is greatly appreciated!