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Lakeview Wellness

Lakeview wellness

Wellness Committee

The Lakeview School District sponsors a Wellness Committee that provides support to schools to implement the Wellness Policy and Guidelines.

The Committee develops and provides tools and resources about wellness; providing technical assistance on the Wellness Policy; and shares successes and examples of wellness initiatives across the district.


The purpose of the Wellness Committee is to support schools, teachers, and parents in the implementation of wellness policy and guidelines, and to help the school district comply with federal statutes that require that schools establish wellness policies.  

The Wellness Committee consists of volunteers, including:  

Blair Miller, Bonnie Wasberg, Karen Hartke, Karen Meiners, Dr. Chris Fenske, Korey Herrik, Marilyn Jarcho, Marilyn Rosa, Nicole Fischer, Erik Lundberg

For information on joining the Wellness Committee and results of assessments regarding Wellness with the Lakeview Public School District, please contact:

Traci Olson
District Wellness Coordinator
(507) 423-5164 ext. 1411